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Re: [PATCH] timespec: new function current_timespec

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH] timespec: new function current_timespec
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 20:37:42 +0200
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Hi Paul,

>    nanotime (ts);
>  #else

What is this code good for? As far as I can see, no platform has the
'nanotime' function.

1) According to my database of exported functions of shared libraries:
$ ./show-portability nanotime
MISSING in          aix-4.3.2 aix-5.1.0 aix-5.2.0 aix-5.3.0a aix-6.1.0 
aix-7.1.0 android-4.3 android-9.0 beos cygwin-1.5 cygwin-1.7 freebsd-11.0 
freebsd-5.2.1 freebsd-6.0 freebsd-6.4 glibc-2.13-kfreebsd glibc-2.3.6 haiku 
hpux-10.20 hpux-11.00 hpux-11.11 hpux-11.23 hpux-11.31-ia64 hpux-11.31 hurd-0.9 
interix-3.5 irix-5.3 irix-6.5-lib32 irix-6.5 macosx-10.3 macosx-10.4 
macosx-10.5 mingw minix-3.1.8 msvc14 msvc9 musl netbsd-3.0 netbsd-5.0.1 
netbsd-5.0 nsk-G06 openbsd-3.8 osf1-4.0d osf1-5.1a pips solaris-2.10 
solaris-2.11.0 solaris-2.11.3 solaris-2.11_2010_11 solaris-2.4 solaris-2.5.1 
solaris-2.6 solaris-2.7 solaris-2.8 solaris-2.9

2) According to the BSD kernel pages (section 9 is the kernel):


This code was introduced on 2005-02-26.


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