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Re: VPATH distcheck build fails

From: Tim Rühsen
Subject: Re: VPATH distcheck build fails
Date: Sun, 5 May 2019 17:54:31 +0200
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Hi Bruno,

On 05.05.19 02:24, Bruno Haible wrote:
> Tim Rühsen wrote:
>> Nothing documented found. After reading some code, it seems po/Makevars
>> is left alone when removing AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION([0.17]) from
>> configure.ac.
> The Makefile.in.in from version 0.17 did not contain the support for
> the PACKAGE_GNU customization. You need at least
> for that.
>> The wget.po created in the vpath build still contains just 'wget'
>> instead of 'GNU Wget' due to
>>         if LC_ALL=C grep 'GNU @PACKAGE@' $(top_srcdir)/* 2>/dev/null |
>> grep -v 'libtool:' >/dev/null; then \
>>           package_gnu='GNU '; \
>>         else \
>>           package_gnu=''; \
>>         fi; \
>> That is, package_gnu is empty due to not finding 'GNU wget' in the main
>> project/tarball dir.
> You are repeating yourself. I told you already that this heuristic is
> not reliable, and the way to avoid the heuristic is to add a po/Makevars
> that contains
>   PACKAGE_GNU = yes

Right, but as I said that finally ends in a loop, that's why I was
repeating that fact. Sorry, it wasn't meant to annoy you (or as any kind
of rant).

To break the "loop" it is indeed necessary to increase the gettext
version. Thanks for pointing this out.

Regards, Tim

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