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Re: iconv_open: non-gnu make fails to generate "iconv_open-aix.h"

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: iconv_open: non-gnu make fails to generate "iconv_open-aix.h"
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2019 23:36:41 +0200
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Hi Assaf,

> I'm also struggling with another "bmake" issue relating to automake,
> here: https://lists.gnu.org/r/automake/2019-08/msg00000.html
> Seems like some recent change in automake broke compilation (of released 
> tarballs) with "bmake", while gnu-make still works.
> The fact that the error message in both case is "don't know how to make
> XXXX" perhaps hints there's some common dependency detection that works
> in  gnu-make and not in bmake - might be helpful to consider that.

I think the problem is that 'bmake' does not consider the targets
'foo' and './foo' as being the same.

In the case of the iconv_open module the error message was

    don't know how to make iconv_open-aix.h

and the Makefile has a rule for constructing ./iconv_open-aix.h
but no rule for constructing iconv_open-aix.h.

In your report with the error message

    don't know how to make ./lib/libhello.a

it's probably the other way around.


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