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Re: [PATCH] windows-thread: set return type of glwthread_thread_exit to

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH] windows-thread: set return type of glwthread_thread_exit to void
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 01:58:55 +0200
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Hi Biswapriyo,

Thanks, I have applied your patch.

A small note, to make it more likely that your patches get a positive review:
Every patch needs a justification. Ask yourself: "why is it needed?"
"what does it improve?" In this and the previous case, the justification was
easy to guess (a compiler on a specific platform). But as your contributions
will become more involved, it will not be obvious any more.

In the patch, we have the habit to state the justification in the summary line
(after the module name, like you did), and the details ("set the return type
to void") then come in the enumeration of files and function names. So,
I changed your log message to

        windows-thread: Avoid a compiler warning.
        * lib/windows-thread.h (glwthread_thread_exit): Change return type to
        * lib/windows-thread.c (glwthread_thread_exit): Likewise.


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