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Re: current gnulib regex breaks in gawk

From: Dmitry V. Levin
Subject: Re: current gnulib regex breaks in gawk
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2021 01:30:45 +0300

Hi Arnold,

On Sun, Feb 07, 2021 at 11:36:29PM -0700, arnold@skeeve.com wrote:
> arnold@skeeve.com wrote:
> > I still have to have the following change, otherwise I get a linkage
> > error on the gl_dyanarray_* routines. :-(
> >
> > So, at least for the nonce, my copy and Gnulib's will be out of sync.
> > Oh well.
> So actually, I've managed to work around this issue too. So the files
> are back in sync. Whew!

I've just tried to build the latest commit gawk-5.1.0-260-gde598391 from
gawk-5.1-stable branch.  Unfortunately, the result executable uses a
private glibc interface:
$ nm gawk |grep GLIBC_PRIVATE
                 U __libc_dynarray_resize@GLIBC_PRIVATE
This makes it unusable at least in GNU/Linux distributions.

Such an unfortunate result is due to very unusual method used to integrate
dynarray module from gnulib into gawk:
- unlike gnulib's lib/dynarray.h, gawk's support/dynarray.h is empty;
- gnulib's lib/malloc/dynarray_resize.c is not imported into gawk's
  support/malloc/ at all.

I was able to make an ad-hoc fix by replacing gawk's support/dynarray.h
with gnulib's lib/dynarray.h, importing gnulib's
lib/malloc/dynarray_resize.c as support/malloc/dynarray_resize.c,
and adding malloc/dynarray_resize.c to libsupport_a_SOURCES of
support/Makefile.am, hope this helps.

I wish gawk sources used some gnulib module import automation, e.g.
gnulib-tool script, like many other gnulib users do, that would make
updating gnulib modules a relatively straightforward task.


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