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Re: Problem with add_exclude_file()

From: Gisle Vanem
Subject: Re: Problem with add_exclude_file()
Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 16:11:02 +0200
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Bruno Haible wrote:

The 'e' modifier to fopen() has the effect of adding an
O_CLOEXEC to the underlying open() call.

BY preprocessing 'fopen.c', I see the 'rpl_fopen()'
in my case is rather short. Since 'GNULIB_FOPEN_GNU'
seems *not* to be defined, it passes mode to
'orig_fopen()' with "re" intact. Hence the EINVAL.

I've no idea who/how '-DGNULIB_FOPEN_GNU' is supposed
to be set. But manually adding it, all is well.

It should be supported in GNU diff, because the 'exclude' module
depends on the 'fopen-gnu' module, and this module implemented the
'e' modifier.

What is the value of file_name here?



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