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dynarray, scratch_buffer: Avoid conflict with preprocessor macros owned

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: dynarray, scratch_buffer: Avoid conflict with preprocessor macros owned by the system
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2021 01:22:26 +0200
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> But gnulib's <cdefs.h> *overrides* the system's definition. And it
> is visible after any of these header files has been included:
>   lib/dynarray.h
>   lib/glob.in.h
>   lib/scratch_buffer.h
> After one of these files has been included, the application can
> include any system include file, and these system include files will
> typically rely on the system's definition of __* macros from <sys/cdefs.h>.
> It's a different thing to include <cdefs.h> for the compilation of
> a Gnulib .c file than to expose it through a .h file that the application
> can include. In the first case, the Gnulib .c file includes a small set
> of system's .h files, and therefore we can hope to have resolved the
> possible conflicts in a reasonable amount of time. In the second case,
> there is an uncountable number of conflicts; so, this problem will
> haunt us for years if we don't fix it.
> My fix here is to process the glob-libc.h file so that it does not
> rely on __* macros (that belong to the system's namespace)

And likewise for dynarray.h and scratch_buffer.h.

2021-06-06  Bruno Haible  <bruno@clisp.org>

        scratch_buffer: Avoid conflict with prepr. macros owned by the system.
        * lib/scratch_buffer.h: Don't include <libc-config.h>. Define
        _GL_LIKELY, _GL_UNLIKELY. Include malloc/scratch_buffer.gl.h instead of
        * modules/scratch_buffer (Depends-on): Add builtin-expect.
        (Makefile.am): Arrange to create malloc/scratch_buffer.gl.h from

2021-06-06  Bruno Haible  <bruno@clisp.org>

        dynarray: Avoid conflict with preprocessor macros owned by the system.
        * lib/dynarray.h: Don't include <libc-config.h>. Define _GL_LIKELY,
        _GL_UNLIKELY. Include malloc/dynarray.gl.h instead of malloc/dynarray.h.
        Include malloc/dynarray-skeleton.gl.h instead of
        * modules/dynarray (Depends-on): Add builtin-expect.
        (Makefile.am): Arrange to create malloc/dynarray.gl.h from
        malloc/dynarray.h and malloc/dynarray-skeleton.gl.h from

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