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Re: [PATCH] year2038: support glibc 2.34 _TIME_BITS=64

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: [PATCH] year2038: support glibc 2.34 _TIME_BITS=64
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2021 15:29:36 -0700
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On 7/5/21 6:34 PM, Bruno Haible wrote:

What are these appropriate flags?

It was "./configure TIME_T_32_BIT_OK=yes". Though this wasn't documented well and perhaps needed other options, and it's different in style from how largefile worked.

I'd like to understand
   - whether these flags are simple or complicated,

They should be simple.

   - whether we really do need a module dependency 'largefile' -> 'year2038',
   - how to best document these things.

It shouldn't be a module dependency, since year2038 means "I must have 64-bit time_t or I won't build" whereas largefile merely means "I want the widest off_t/dev_t/ino_t/time_t available". That being said, largefile can use some of the year2038 macros.

we need an
  AC_ARG_ENABLE([year2038], ...)
like we already have an
  AC_ARG_ENABLE([largefile], ...)

Yes, something like that would be better than the TIME_T_32_BIT_OK flag.

I installed the attached patches into Gnulib to implement the above suggestions. The first one is just a doc fix; the second one does the real work.

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