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[PATCH 00/11] Code hygiene fixes from grub

From: Robbie Harwood
Subject: [PATCH 00/11] Code hygiene fixes from grub
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 17:55:33 -0400

Hello gnulib,

grub2 uses a patched gnulib, on top of
d271f868a8df9bbec29049d01e056481b7a1a263 (from 2019-01-05).  There are nine
patches carried in the grub2 source tree.  Three have been resolved upstream
since divergence; the reamining six are the first in this series.

Downstream in Fedora, we add an additional five patches, which constitute the
remainder of the series.  (Conveniently, this is all of the ones by Peter
Jones, if that helps to keep track.)

I've done my best to reconstruct commit messages and authorship information
for these, though the way grub2 stored them before 2019 does not always
preserve commit information.  I'm also just a messenger trying to reduce
codebase divergence, and am not familiar enough with gnulib to have given them
serious review.

Be well,

Colin Watson (1):
  argp-parse.c (__argp_input): Don't crash if pstate is NULL

Darren Kenny (2):
  gnulib/regexec: Fix possible null-dereference
  gnulib/regexec: Resolve unused variable

Patrick Steinhardt (1):
  Fix base64 module to work with grub codebase

Peter Jones (5):
  Make CFLAGS less painful
  Fix __argp_fmtstream_point()'s return type and comparisons with it
  Fix up a bunch of "gcc -Werror=sign-compare" complaints
  Paper over a stringop-overflow warning about wide char handling
  Fixup for -Werror=ignored-qualifiers issues

Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko (2):
  Fix width computation
  Make gnulib's regcomp not abort()

 gnulib-tool          | 11 ++++--
 lib/argp-fmtstream.c | 80 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 lib/argp-fmtstream.h |  6 ++--
 lib/argp-help.c      | 10 ++++--
 lib/argp-parse.c     |  2 +-
 lib/base64.h         | 10 ++++--
 lib/mbswidth.c       | 15 +++++++++
 lib/mbswidth.h       |  4 +++
 lib/regcomp.c        | 36 ++++++++++----------
 lib/regex_internal.c |  6 ++--
 lib/regexec.c        | 43 +++++++++++++++---------
 lib/vasnprintf.c     |  7 ++--
 12 files changed, 167 insertions(+), 63 deletions(-)


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