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Re: [PATCH] Fixed tests build on EDG-based compilers

From: Ilya Kurdyukov
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fixed tests build on EDG-based compilers
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2021 23:14:26 +0700
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On 06.12.2021 22:31, Bruno Haible wrote:
> It sounds like this compiler is *not* the same as the small LCC [1], and
> thus when [2] states the macro __LCC__, they mean [1], not your compiler.

This is a different LCC (but also use __LCC__ macro) and sometimes we
have name collision issues. Recently in OpenModelica.

> Thanks. For Intel cc, we already have a workaround in intprops.h. Can you
> confirm that with your EDG-based LCC, you get the same error for this case?

Same, but LCC prints only the second error:

lcc: "test.c", line 2: error #59: function call is not allowed in a constant
  _Static_assert(__builtin_add_overflow_p (0x7fffffff, 1, 0), "");

> If so, I think the right fix will be this one (proposed patch):

> -#if defined __clang__ || defined __ICC
> +#if defined __clang__ || defined __ICC || defined __EDG__

Yes, this patch fixes the issue. Thanks.

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