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Signaling NaNs

From: Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen
Subject: Signaling NaNs
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2021 22:18:01 +0100


I have been searching through the list of modules but haven't been able to find it:  Does Gnulib offer a way to store a signaling NaN in a memory location (if supported by the platform) and some way to check a memory location whether it contains a signaling NaN?

The forthcoming C2x standard will have FLT_SNAN, DBL_SNAN, and LDBL_SNAN, but before that there doesn't seem to be a portable way to get signaling NaNs.

In case the following problem is easier: What I really need is a bit pattern for a double that won't be returned by the usual floating-point functions.



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