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Non-recursive Make and prefix-gnulib-mk

From: Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen
Subject: Non-recursive Make and prefix-gnulib-mk
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2021 12:25:49 +0100


I'm using build-aux/prefix-gnulib-mk to rewrite the Gnulib Makefile fragment so that it can be included by a Makefile in a top-level directory.

What I haven't managed to get working, though, is renaming the Gnulib lib/ directory at the same time (by setting $source_base in bootstrap.conf). The Perl script build-aux/prefix-gnulib-mk still prefixes the Automake variables with lib_ as in

lib_libgnu_la_SOURCES =

I don't know much Perl but the relevant source line seems to be


The issue is possibly fixed just by replacing the string lib_ by %C% (see [1]).




[1] https://www.gnu.org/software/automake/manual/automake.html#Include

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