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problems in Emacs with GL_GENERATE_STDINT>H

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: problems in Emacs with GL_GENERATE_STDINT>H
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 13:08:42 -0800
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I tried using the latest Gnulib with Emacs and ran into a problem. The resulting 'configure' script executed two copies of the following code:

case "$GL_GENERATE_STDINT_H" in false) STDINT_H='' ;; true) if test -z "$STDINT_H"; then STDINT_H="${gl_source_base_prefix}stdint.h" fi ;; *) echo "*** GL_GENERATE_STDINT_H is not set correctly" 1>&2; exit 1 ;; esac


and this resulted in 'configure' failing with the diagnostic "*** GL_GENERATE_LIMITS_H is not set correctly".

I worked around the problem by installing the attached patch. However, I'm wondering:

* Should the shell script use a different variable name for the "1" vs "" value, than for the "true" vs "false" value? This might help avoid similar confusion in the future.

* Alternatively (or perhaps also), perhaps gl_CONDITIONAL_HEADER should skip its work if it's already been done.

* There seem to be similar issues with modules/fnmatch's "gl_CONDITIONAL_HEADER([fnmatch.h])" duplicating fnmatch-h, modules/glob's "gl_CONDITIONAL_HEADER([glob.h])" duplicating glob-h, and modules/iconv_open's "gl_CONDITIONAL_HEADER([iconv.h])". However, I left those alone for now because Emacs doesn't use them.

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