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Re: [PATCH] bootstrap: When a commit hash is specified, do a shallow fet

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH] bootstrap: When a commit hash is specified, do a shallow fetch if possible
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2022 11:50:13 +0100

Hi Glenn,

In this thread, on 2021-10-24 I replied:
> > I'm thinking of replacing the current comment with
> > something along the lines of:
> > 
> >   Git does not support cloning by commit hash. So attempt a shallow
> >   fetch by commit hash to minimize the amount of data downloaded and
> >   changes needed to be processed, which can drastically reduce download
> >   and processing time for checkout. If the fetch by commit fails, a
> >   shallow fetch can not be performed because we do not know what the
> >   depth of the commit is without fetching all commits. So fallback to
> >   fetching all commits.
> That's a good comment. Thanks.

There's no other objection to your patch. Can you repost it, with the
comment added? Then it can go in, I would say.

Simon explained that there is a Gitlab specific workaround to the
problem. But IMO if we have a general one that works also on Savannah,
GitHub, etc., the better.


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