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Re: Assertion error when building in Debug mode with MSVC

From: Julien Marrec
Subject: Re: Assertion error when building in Debug mode with MSVC
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2022 10:45:09 +0100

Hello Paul,

I’m not sure why you say it’s a local variable. It’s a “FILE *” isn’t it?

So, with runtime /MDd (/MD doesn’t have the issue), I do have flclose.m4 and fclose.c. I also see

checking whether fcloseall is declared... yes

I’ve setup a gist at https://gist.github.com/jmarrec/a2492f60623bb8eeee3e7e3f3edf2243 (config.log is 2MB so sending to a mailing list didn't seem like a god idea) in which you'll find:

[1] If you want to reproduce, and have conan installed and MSVC 2019, this command should do it

conan install m4/1.4.19@#7bf4b7de37a545f40f65aeb26e4f135f -b m4 -s arch=x86_64 -s arch_build=x86_64 -s build_type=Debug -s compiler="Visual Studio" -s compiler.runtime=MD -s compiler.version=16 -s os=Windows -s os_build=Windows


Julien Marrec, EBCP, BPI MFBA
Owner at EffiBEM
T: +33 6 95 14 42 13

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Le mer. 26 janv. 2022 à 06:35, Paul Eggert <eggert@cs.ucla.edu> a écrit :
On 1/25/22 14:33, Julien Marrec wrote:

>> Are the programs in question using the fclose module, either directly or
> indirectly?
> Well, simply doing `m4.exe --version` does exhibit the issue.

For the module info we need to look at something other than that.

Does your m4 source code contain the files fclose.c and fclose.m4 somewhere?

When you configured m4, did it say "checking whether fclose works on
input streams" and if so what was the result?

When you built m4, did the build compile fclose.c and create an object
file fclose.o?

> In close_stream, shouldn't the stdout FILE * be set to NULL if the close
> worked

No, as that's just a local variable so setting it to NULL won't persist
until the next call.

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