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Re: split bootstrap in two phases, GNU tar

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: split bootstrap in two phases, GNU tar
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2022 11:50:42 -0700
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On 7/24/22 09:09, Bruno Haible wrote:

For GNU tar some adjustment of the bootstrap.conf is needed.

Thanks, I attempted to do that by installing the attached patch into GNU 'tar'.

I got confused by the two Gnulib files build-aux/bootstrap and top/bootstrap. Although top/bootstrap says "The canonical version of this script is maintained as build-aux/bootstrap in gnulib", it's really in top/bootstrap.

More important, build-aux/bootstrap exists separately from top/bootstrap only to support packages that don't have bootstrap-funclib.sh; and yet build-aux/bootstrap invokes autopull.sh and autogen.sh, both of which require bootstrap-funclib.sh. One way to work around this problem would be to remove build-aux/bootstrap (and the machinery that generates it), thus requiring all downstream projects to add autogen.sh, autopull.sh, and bootstrap-funclib.sh. Another possibility would be to rename top/bootstrap to top/bootstrap.sh (so there aren't two confusing files with the same basename), and to fix top/gen-bootstrap.sed so that it inlines autopull.sh and autogen.sh as well as inlining bootstrap-funclib.sh. Or perhaps you can think of a better fix (maybe giving ./bootstrap --pull and --gen options instead of having separate scripts?).

Another idea: if we're going to break 'bootstrap' up into pieces, perhaps it'd be better for GNU tar to have these new files in a new directory, i.e., boot/autogen.sh, boot/autopull.sh, boot/bootstrap-funclib.sh, instead of autogen.sh, autopull.sh, bootstrap-funclib.sh, so as to keep the top level simple. Is that easy to arrange?

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