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Re: updating gnulib-tool.py

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: updating gnulib-tool.py
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2022 23:34:12 +0200

Today's changes:

2022-07-31  Bruno Haible  <bruno@clisp.org>

        gnulib-tool.py: Fix typo.
        * pygnulib/GLTestDir.py (GLMegaTestDir.execute): Invoke os.mkdir as

        gnulib-tool.py: Improve some error messages.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Write "*** Stop." instead of "*** Exit.".
        (__main__): Print an error message for GLError 5, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 
        * pygnulib/GLError.py (GLError.__repr__): Compute one error message,
        not 19.

        gnulib-tool.py: Write errors to stderr, not stdout.
        * pygnulib/constants.py: Write error messages to stderr, not stdout.

        gnulib-tool.py: Use mainstream coding style.
        * pygnulib/GLConfig.py: Use 'raise' to re-throw an exception.

        gnulib-tool.py: Implement options --symlink and --local-symlink.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Handle options --symlink and --local-symlink.
        * pygnulib/constants.py (link_if_changed): Ignore FileNotFoundError from
        os.remove call.

        gnulib-tool.py: Make --copy-file work.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main) [copy-file]: Fix reference to uninitialized
        variable. Fix error handling of os.makedirs. Pass the destdir to the

        gnulib-tool.py: Allow module arguments to occur at any position.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Collect the non-option arguments in a single
        list, regardless of their position. Use parse_known_args instead of
        parse_args, and give an error message about unknown options ourselves.
        * gnulib-tool: Fix typo in error message.

        gnulib-tool.py: Make --test behaviour more similar to gnulib-tool.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main) [test]: Remove space from the testdir name.

        gnulib-tool: Clarify that --test allows zero module arguments.
        * gnulib-tool (func_usage): Mark the modules for --test as optional.
        * pygnulib/GLInfo.py (GLInfo.usage): Likewise.

        gnulib-tool.py: Make option processing more similar to gnulib-tool.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Allow --add-import and --remove-import with 0

        gnulib-tool.py: Improve compliance with GNU standards.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Handle --help and --version before testing for
        conflicting modes.

        gnulib-tool.py: Emit error message when conflicting modes are specified.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Fix test of conflicting modes. (Some options
        produce a value of [], and as a condition, [] evaluates to False.)

        gnulib-tool.py: Remove most short options.
        * gnulib-tool.py (main): Reorder the list of options. Remove most short
        options, for consistency with gnulib-tool.

        gnulib-tool.py: Follow gnulib-tool changes, part 19.
        Follow gnulib-tool changes
        2015-12-09  Pavel Raiskup  <praiskup@redhat.com>
        gnulib-tool: allow multiple --local-dir usage
        2019-02-14  Bruno Haible  <bruno@clisp.org>
        gnulib-tool: Improve handling of multiple --local-dir options.
        * gnulib-tool (func_reconstruct_cached_dir): When the argument is
        absolute, return it unmodified.
        (func_compute_relative_local_gnulib_path): Renamed from
        func_count_relative_local_gnulib_path. Add comment.
        * gnulib-tool.py: Accept multiple --local-dir options and collect the
        values into localpath.
        * pygnulib/GLConfig.py: Take a localpath argument instead of a localdir
        (getLocalDir, setLocalDir, resetLocalDir): Remove methods.
        (getLocalPath, setLocalPath, resetLocalPath): New methods.
        * pygnulib/GLFileSystem.py (CopyAction): New class.
        (GLFileSystem.lookup): Consider all dirs in localpath.
        (GLFileSystem.shouldLink): New method.
        (GLFileAssistant): Use shouldLink.
        * pygnulib/GLModuleSystem.py (GLModuleSystem.exists): Iterate over all
        dirs in localpath.
        (GLModuleSystem.list): Likewise.
        * pygnulib/GLEmiter.py: Update.
        * pygnulib/GLImport.py (GLImport.__init__): Put the argument of
        gl_LOCAL_DIR into localpath, not localdir.
        (GLImport.actioncmd): Consider all dirs in localpath.
        (GLImport.relative_to_destdir, GLImport.relative_to_currdir): New
        (GLImport.gnulib_cache): Combine all dirs in localpath. Use
        * pygnulib/GLTestDir.py (GLTestDir.execute): Use shouldLink.

        gnulib-tool.py: Improve the primitives for relative file names.
        * pygnulib/constants.py (relativize): Don't attempt to handle absolute
        file names. Fix bug with relativize('../foo/bar', '../foo/bla/zut').
        (relconcat): New function.

        gnulib-tool.py: Follow gnulib-tool changes, part 18.
        Follow gnulib-tool change
        2005-09-20  Bruno Haible  <bruno@clisp.org>
        gnulib-tool: Remove trailing slashes
        * pygnulib/constants.py (remove_trailing_slashes): New function.
        * pygnulib/GLConfig.py (GLConfig): Use it in the setters.

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