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link, linkat tests: Fix test failures on Android/Termux

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: link, linkat tests: Fix test failures on Android/Termux
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 18:17:25 +0100

On Android 11, within the Termux app, these tests fail:

FAIL: test-link

link: Permission denied
FAIL test-link (exit status: 1)

FAIL: test-linkat

link: Permission denied
../../gltests/test-link.h:32: assertion '0 <= fd' failed
FAIL test-linkat (exit status: 134)

It's apparently a problem with permissions, as I don't see it in my
Android 4.3 environment.

The workaround is to mark the test SKIPped in this situation.

2023-01-11  Bruno Haible  <bruno@clisp.org>

        link, linkat tests: Fix test failures on Android/Termux.
        * tests/test-link.h (test_link): On Android, treat an EACCES failure
        like EPERM.
        * tests/test-linkat.c (main): When test_link is marked skipped, skip the
        rest of the test as well.

2023-01-11  Bruno Haible  <bruno@clisp.org>

        link tests: Correct indentation.
        * tests/test-link.h (test_link): Correct indentation.

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