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[Bug-grub] Re: the list manager changed with no notification

From: Martin Hamilton
Subject: [Bug-grub] Re: the list manager changed with no notification
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 11:51:18 +0100

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OKUJI Yoshinori writes:

| It seems that the list manager of bug-grub changed to Mailman from
| SmartList with no notification. I don't have any objection to that,
| but I don't like that you haven't told us the information at all. For
| example, what password has been registered for my address? The Mailman
| interface requires that I type in my password when I'd like to change
| my configuration, but I don't know even my password.

Hi - sorry about that, I'm going send a mailshot to all gnu.org list 
subscribers when the migration is complete, but there are still about 
25 lists to go.  The bottom line is that you can go to...


for a password reminder and/or to change your subscription options.

| BTW, we are using www.mail-archive.com for storing/searching the
| list archive, but mail.gnu.org also has the list archive. If
| mail.gnu.org has a search engine as well, it is possible to move the
| link to the list archive to mail.gnu.org. Do you have a plan to add
| the support?

I want to import all of the old list archives first (before adding a
search engine), but this is contingent on the move of the GNU mailhub
to a new machine with a lot more disk space.  We wouldn't have enough
room on the current one for the database indices.  The move was
planned to happen yesterday, but has been put off due to what were
discovered to be incomplete backups of the current system.



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