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[PATCH] Add APM BIOS detection/Multiboot passing to 0.5.96 for Linux Mu

From: Matt Yourst
Subject: [PATCH] Add APM BIOS detection/Multiboot passing to 0.5.96 for Linux Multiboot support
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:07:12 -0400


I'd like to contribute a patch to GRUB 0.5.96 that adds APM BIOS
detection and then passes that information to Multiboot kernels via
the Multiboot information structure. This provides better support for
Multiboot-compliant Linux 2.4 kernels. Because the Multiboot spec I
had did not specify details of the APM structure, I defined it the
same way Linux does (see stage2/mb_info.h.) Soon I will be posting my
existing patch to Linux 2.4 to make it Multiboot compliant (I will
post to the linux-kernel list and cc: you a copy as well.) Linux 2.4
multiboots just fine but GRUB must pass video mode information to make
it completely compatible with traditional Linux. I have not
implemented this yet, but it might be useful. Please let me know if
the attached patch works out after further testing and can be included
into GRUB.


- Matt Yourst

 Matt T. Yourst        Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 address@hidden                                 617.225.7690
 513 French House - 476 Memorial Drive - Cambridge, MA 02136

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