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some patches to grub 0.5.95

From: Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
Subject: some patches to grub 0.5.95
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 21:22:24 -0300 (BRST)


  I wrote some patches to grub, so that it will replace lilo in Conectiva
Linux. I would like you to review this code.

  I know several Linux distributions are making their own version of the
grub bootloader, so, I am not asking my patches to be made official. But
one file I think really needs being patched. The file boot.c, so that
grub will correctly load initrd on machines with >= 1GB.

  Actually, I am the XFree86 maintainer in Conectiva, this was an unusual
task assigned to me... The main changes I did was to add an graphical
background image to grub. The image must be a 640x480 xpm with 14 colors.
Two colors are reserved for the foreground and background colors.

  We will use grub in the boot diskete also :-)


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Description: Grub 0.5.95 patch

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