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Re: Bug#72346: please add devfs support

From: Alessandro Rubini
Subject: Re: Bug#72346: please add devfs support
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 11:57:23 +0200

>> If you use devfs devices are named differenty. The easiest way to
>> support devfs would be to also scan /dev/discs* and /dev/floppy*.

I don't see how grub can be is involved in devfs issues. The /dev
hierarchy is internal to Linux and the boot loader doesn't know about it.

> Where can I get more information on Linux's devfs? I haven't seen it
> myself yet.

I wrote an article for Linux Magazine about that. I'm uploading it
to my server (http://gnu.systemy.it) later today. It will be available

(I just forgot to upload it in August when the exclusive I gave to LM expired).


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