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Re: question about grub

From: Roman.Jordan
Subject: Re: question about grub
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 22:26:40 +0200

Hi, here i am again. Thanks for your last answer, it helps me a lot.
But one question? How can i view the docs as postscript? I can't find a
'make docu' or something like this.

Thanks, Roman

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From: Alessandro Rubini <address@hidden>
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Cc: <address@hidden>
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 9:46 PM
Subject: Re: question about grub

> Hello Roman.
> > Someone told me, that if i want to use Linux, the best boot solution
> > is grub.
> GRUB is more featured than Lilo: it can access a filesystem to
> load kernel files, has a powerful command-line interface (with help)
> to use if you have troubles at boot time. And it can natively
> load Hurd and *Bsd.
> > I have to boot WinNT, Win98, DOS and (the best) linux. Is this
> > possible with grub?
> Definitely. All the documentation is available together with the
> source files of GRUB, under the directory docs/. You can access it
> using "info" or the Info mode of Emacs; or you can view/print the docs
> as postscript.
> > How have i to configure the loader?
> The simplest way to try it is dumping it to a floppy, like
> cat stage1 stage2 > /dev/fd0
> and then boot that floppy after reading the docs. Later, you'll want
> to create your config file, but that is straightforward.
> Hope this helps
> /alessandro

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