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Re: failsafe booting..

From: Andrew
Subject: Re: failsafe booting..
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 18:14:47 +0930 (CST)

ok this is what i was looking for, from the lilo man page :-

    -R command line
              This option sets the default command for  the  boot
              loader  the  next time it executes. The boot loader
              will then erase this  line:  this  is  a  once-only
              command.  It  is  typically used in reboot scripts,
              just before calling `shutdown -r'.

So i set my failsafe kernel to be the default, and the new kernel to boot
with "lilo -R dodgy". Then if it fails to boot, my watchdog card will
reboot and the failsafe kernel will be used.

thanks for the help. 


> > I dont wish to communicate with the bootlaoder at all. Its a simple matter
> > of changing the default kernel to a failsafe one, so that if the new
> > kernel fails the failsafe one will boot next time ? what is so difficult ?
> > no communication with the bootlaoder is required....
>   Then, try that and surprise me.

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