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From: Gordon Matzigkeit
Date: 06 Oct 2000 08:50:06 -0600

I'm pleased to announce release 0.5.96 of GNU GRUB, which is the
*final* test release of GRUB.  The next release will be GRUB 1.0, so
we appreciate you testing 0.5.96 to help us make 1.0 stable.

You can get 0.5.96 from:

Also available in that directory is `grub-0.5.96-i386-pc.ext2fs', a
filesystem image suitable for use on a floppy disk.

GRUB 0.5.96 will also be available shortly from your favorite Debian
mirrors (currently only for GNU/Linux, but hopefully a Debian
maintainer with a working GNU/Hurd machine will recompile it).

Here is the relevant NEWS:

New in 0.5.96 - 2000-10-04:
* New commands, "reboot" and "halt".
* New command, "hiddenmenu". You can hide the menu interface by default
  with this command.
* You can specify `--no-mem-option' to the command "kernel", if you want
  GRUB not to pass a Linux's mem option automatically.
* Now GRUB is compliant with the Linux/i386 boot protocol version 2.02.
* The network support is updated to Etherboot-4.6.4.
* Symlinks in ReiserFS are supported.
* Add a workaround into the grub shell, so that it works fine even under
  Linux 2.4.
* Add a new option `--stage2' into the commands "install" and "setup",
  to let the grub shell know what the file name of Stage 2 is under your
  operating system. You must specify the option correctly, if you cannot
  unmount the partition where GRUB images reside. We'd recommend _not_
  using those commands directly, but using the utility "grub-install"
  instead, because this is safer.
* One violation against the Network Boot Image Proposal was found and
  fixed. So now the image `nbgrub' can work fine even with a card such
  as rtl8139.
* Serial terminal support is added. The configure script accepts
  a new option `--enable-serial'. If it is specified, you can use two
  new commands, "serial" and "terminal" in the command-line and the
  menu. See the manual, for more details.
* Preserve the possible magic number used by Windows NT in a MBR.
* The command-line interface is switched to single-line editing mode.
* Only for developers: the configure script accepts
  `--enable-serial-speed-simulation', which is useful when you want to
  simulate the speed of a serial device on a psuedo terminal.
* Also only for developers: you can specify an optional argument to the
  option `--hold' for the grub shell. The argument means how many
  seconds the grub shell should wait until diving into the main routine.
* New command, "savedefault". Now you can save current entry number to
  your disk with this command and then you can set the default boot
  entry to it by the command "default saved".
* Add a new option `--prefix' into the command "setup", so that you can
  specify the name of a directory which contains GRUB images. And, the
  behavior of this command changed slightly, that is, this command now
  searchs stage1 automatically under "/boot/grub" and "/grub", unless
  you specify the option `--prefix'.
* The utility `grub-install' recognizes a separate boot partition
* New commands, "partnew" and "parttype". You can modify partition
  tables with these commands.

As always, thanks to the many people who have made GRUB possible.

 Gordon Matzigkeit <address@hidden>  //\ I'm a FIG (http://fig.org/)
Committed to freedom and diversity \// I use GNU (http://www.gnu.org/)

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