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Re: [0.5.96] Weird result with find command

From: OKUJI Yoshinori
Subject: Re: [0.5.96] Weird result with find command
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 03:02:12 +0900

From: Thierry Laronde <address@hidden>
Subject: [0.5.96] Weird result with find command
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 19:18:49 +0200

> Here is the results :
> grub> root (hd1,1)
> Filesystem type is fat, partition type 0x6
> grub> find /command.
> Possible files are: command.dos command.com
> grub> find /command.com
> Error 15: File not found

  Thanks to your report, I have found a bug in the command
"find". I'll fix it. For now, please ignore the result.

> Another thing. In the NEWS file, it is said that one has to type
> --enable-serial at configure time, but the INSTALL file tells that the
> option is --disable-serial, i.e. that serial is supported by default
> (that seems to be in accordance with the configure script).

  INSTALL is correct. This is because the serial support was
originally disabled by default, but it became enabled by default a
while ago. I will fix this as well. I'm sorry that we confused you.


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