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grub-install doesn't handle correctly separate /boot partition

From: Thierry Laronde
Subject: grub-install doesn't handle correctly separate /boot partition
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 22:18:08 +0200
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I have a separate /boot partition. the problem is that grub-install
can't handle smoothly this.

Details. In order to find the devices, the grub-install script uses the
`df' command ; but the `df' command is used with a _directory_ name on
mounted fs.
Thus, this assertion is false :

# Check if the boot directory is in the same device as the root
# directory.
if test "x$root_device" != "x$bootdir_device"; then
# Perhaps the user has a separate boot partition.

This is false because if /boot is a separate partition, it is mounted,
frequently under /boot. So the directory name is `/boot/grub'. As a
consequence, the following instructions fail :

grubdir_device=`df ${grubdir} | grep /dev/ \
    | sed 's%.*\(/dev/[a-z0-9]*\).*%\1%'`
if test "x$grubdir_device" != "x$root_device"; then
# For now, cannot deal with this situation.
cat <<EOF 1>&2
You must set the root directory by the option
--root-directory, because
$grubdir does not exist in the root device $root_device.
exit 1

Hope this helps, thanks.
Thierry LARONDE <address@hidden>
10, rue du Bel Air, 74000 ANNECY - FRANCE/ Tel : 33.(0)
/home du SDF (Site Debian Francophone) : http://www.polynum.com/debian/

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