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Re: [0.5.96] "Error 29: Disk write error", when installing GRUB

From: Thierry Laronde
Subject: Re: [0.5.96] "Error 29: Disk write error", when installing GRUB
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 23:34:04 +0200
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On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 12:56:06AM +0900, OKUJI Yoshinori wrote:
> From: Thierry Laronde <address@hidden>
> Subject: Re: [0.5.96] "Error 29: Disk write error", when installing GRUB
> Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 17:58:16 +0200
> > Success, but not straightforward. There is a distinction that I do not
> > clearly understand. When one creates a floppy (with a ext2fs), and makes
> > it bootable, if there is a menu.lst stage2 is patched automagically with
> > the location via the `setup' command. 
> > When I have tried the same commands (modulo
> > the target device), I had to specify explicitely via `install' to patch
> > with a menu.lst, in order to have GRUB i(put in the MBR) using this menu.
>   I don't understand what you mean well. Can you elaborate on that
> more?

OK. As the installation via the grub shell (under Linux) failed, I have,
first, create an ext2fs on a floppy, put the needed files on it
(directory /boot/grub/) and made the floppy bootable with grub. I have
rebooted via the floppy, and had install GRUB on the MBR, from the GRUB
command line (from the floppy), using as "root" my separate boot
partition on the hard disk.
The difference : when I have created the bootable floppy, I haven't got
to specify the menu.lst : root (fd0) setup (fd0) has done it the right
For the installation on the MBR, root (hd0,0), setup (hd0) has _not_
taken care of the menu.lst. But the main difference here is that, with
the boot floppy, there was a /boot/grub/ directory, but with the
separate partion, there was only a /grub/ directory (my /boot is a
separate partition).

I thought that the message from Michael Sullivan, about "initrd", has
given a possible explanation : /boot/grub/ is hardcoded  somewhere.

Perhaps asmstub.c ?

char config_file[128] = "/boot/grub/menu.lst"; /* FIXME: arbitrary */


PS : if nobody has fixed grub-install at the moment, I can do it : this
is not difficult, and you have enough work dealing with the difficult
Thierry LARONDE <address@hidden>
10, rue du Bel Air, 74000 ANNECY - FRANCE/ Tel : 33.(0)
/home du SDF (Site Debian Francophone) : http://www.polynum.com/sdf/

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