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Re: About grub feature

From: Thomas T. Soares
Subject: Re: About grub feature
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 20:57:21 -0200

OKUJI Yoshinori wrote:

>   The strategy used in GRUB is to _pass information_ about hardware
> and user input data to an OS image, while the strategy used in both
> Open Firmware and EFI is to _give interfaces_ to access hardware. In
> other words, GRUB provides higher level interfaces to an OS image than
> Open Firmware or EFI. I think our strategy is more convenient, but I'm
> not sure if it is enough.
>   If you have spare time (I don't have, for now), investigate Open
> Firmware and/or EFI, and compare them with the Multiboot Specification
> and GRUB's interfaces. Such a study will be helpful in the future.

I am just a Intel addicted one... that now is playing a IBM RS6000, 
  YelowDog Linux and Open Firmware.

  There is no one in the planet that can make this RS6000 F50 boot
  from the HD just because the F50 has two SCSI interfaces. I still
  has to use the OF interface to send directives to boot from the

I did some research about Forth language to manage the OF guts with no

It would be nice to know what is EFI... could someone point me a URL

Thank you

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