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Re: Suggession: New Command Menuonly

From: Gordon Matzigkeit
Subject: Re: Suggession: New Command Menuonly
Date: 12 Oct 2000 12:42:50 -0600
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>>>>> Jochen Schmitt writes:

 JS> I enhanced grub with the new command 'menuonly'.

The `password' command does about the same thing, except you can
access those keys if you type the right password.  Just pick a really
obscure password, and it will do what you want:

 - Command: password passwd [new-config-file]
     Disable all interactive editing control (menu entry editor and
     command line) and entries protected by the command `lock'. If the
     password PASSWD is entered, it loads the NEW-CONFIG-FILE as a new
     config file and restarts the GRUB Stage 2, if NEW-CONFIG-FILE is
     specified. Otherwise, GRUB will just unlock the privileged

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