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Stage2 is not loaded

From: Volker Augustin
Subject: Stage2 is not loaded
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 21:38:06 +0200


>First of all, try another floppy disk, because floppy disks are
>fragile. In fact, I've broken a number of floppies, to test GRUB.

I tried that. To no avail. :-(

>If the phenomenon is reproducible, investigate where GRUB hangs
>up. It is rather difficult to debug assembly code, but you can easily
>debug C code by inserting grub_printf calls into some places. For
>example, you write this: [...]

>If I were you, I would first add DEBUG_PRINTs into the function
>init_bios_info in common.c and the function cmain in stage2.c.

I inserted DEBUG_PRINTs into cmain in stage2.c. The message is not printed and 
it's right at the beginning. I did not look at init_bios_info in common.c yet. 
However, since the message in cmain is not printed, I assume stage1 is faulty. 
Now, what modifications where made to that part after the LAST (not the 
current) release? Maybe i should mention my system configuration:
Abit BP6 motherboard, 128MB RAM, 2 Celeron 466, EIDE Hard disk, SCSI-Controller

By the way: The disks work in my other computers, i.e. grub boots ok there.

Any ideas? Volker

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