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Re: Use of dynamic memory

From: Volker Augustin
Subject: Re: Use of dynamic memory
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 14:00:33 +0100

I looked through shared.h and asm.S. The objects and functions in question are
1. struct mmar_desc
2. get_mmap_entry

Now I am wondering how to use get_mmap_entry correctly. When I call it with a 
continuation value of 0, what do I get? The first memory block of some size or 
the first free memory block of some size?
And what exactly is this size? Or put another way, if i want a memory block of 
a fixed size, do i have to call get_mmap_entry consecutively until it returns a 
memory block big enough? How do I determine if a block is used, if 
get_mmap_entry returns all blocks and not just free blocks?

So that was for the use of lower memory. Now let's talk about upper memory.
Jochen said, there is no fixed rule who may use high memory in which way.

Which functions do use high memory at the moment and how do they find free 
areas in high memory? I would like to try my memory handler on the high memory 
area. :-) 


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