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Re: Kernel section info.

From: OKUJI Yoshinori
Subject: Re: Kernel section info.
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 21:24:46 +0900

From: Kurt Skauen <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: Kernel section info.
Date: 01 Nov 2000 13:03:45 +0100

> Sorry, but I did not understood a word of what you tried to explain
> here :( Doesn't the boot loader locate modules in the current
> version?

  It does, but it does _randomly_. This is because the spec says that
Multiboot boot loaders don't interpret the formats of modules. But, if
we can embed information about the appropriate addresses of modules in
them, a Multiboot boot loader can load them at the specified
addresses, instead of placing them arbitrarily.


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