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I think I goofed...

From: Adam Chrystie
Subject: I think I goofed...
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 18:24:09 -0800

Hi all. How bad did i mess up my system..doh..here is what i did.

My system is hda is Win NT, hdb was Linux Mandrake 7.1

My mandrake system totally corrupted itself so i ran out to the store and
they only had RedHat 7.0, my Mandrake disks had just been lost in a cross
continental move of course.

I installed RedHat 7.0 on to a newly format HDB drive. Red Hat uses LILO
still. Now when i boot i get a text consol screen that simply says GRUB
and doesn;t seem to have any options for booting Windows NT or linux.

I have to use a boot floppy disk to load up my RedHat 7.0 as well. I wrote
the LILO boot info to the /boot on HDB as recommened in the RedHat manual.

How can i get rid of this left over GRUB info so i can boot NT or can i
modify it somehow to allow me to boot Win NT from the HDA drive?

I assume the Mandrake install did something to the boot sector on HDA????

Any tips welcome...

Adam Chrystie

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