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Re: New FS driver (and support for a new OS).

From: Ian Cass
Subject: Re: New FS driver (and support for a new OS).
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 07:25:51 -0000

>   As long as your license term is compatible with GPL, you can. In
> fact, *BSD have code under GPL.

I know for a fact that OpenBSD is not distributed with *any* GPL code. Any
packages that are not BSD licenced will not be included in the distributed
operating system. Now, they have a ports collection, but the code for that
is not included within the BSD dist.

I can't speak for other BSD's but as GPL is against the very ethos of BSD,
I'd suggest they will not look at GPL either.

>   Do whatever you like. We don't force you to send an assignment. But
> we don't apply your patch, if you don't confirm that your code will be
> free forever.

I'm sure you don't want to get sidetracked with a discussion about licenses
:) But you have to ask yourself, is GPL really 'free'? Afterall, you're not
'free' to do whatever you like with it, unlike BSD license.

The BSD license, as far as Grub is concerned, is what will allow you to
'rip' segments of BSD's code and use it in Grub without breaking any moral
or legal license agreements. In fact, code reuse is positively encouraged.
This is why commercial entities such as Microsoft are allowed to base their
TCP tools on BSD code. GPL positively prevents this behaviour.

I can understand Kurt's reluctance to sign over the rights to his code, yet
it would be a great shame if his work could not be added to Grub.

Ian Cass

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