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toner cartridges

From: redial
Subject: toner cartridges
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 19:24:22

Toner Supplies at discount prices
Laser Printer Toner Cartridges 
Fax and Copier Cartridges

Order by phone:1-888-288-9043
Order by fax: 1-888-977-1577

*** E-mail removal line: 1-888-248-4930 ***

*** If you would like to mail your order please call 
1-888-248-2015 ***

Pay by check, credit card or Purchase Order.

If your order is by check please leave your check number (Mail 
check when you recieve merchandise)
If your order is by credit card please leave your card number + 
expiration date
If your order is by P.O. please leave your shipping/billing 

Current Prices are as follows:  
Cartridges for Hewlett Packard printers:    
4L,4p,1100 and series 2 cartridges are now $49 
2p cartridges are $54            
3si cartridges are $75           
4000 and 2100 cartridges are $79 
5000 and 8100 cartridges are $135
5p, 6p, 5mp and 6mp cartridges are $59

Cartridges for Apple printers

Pro 600 or 16-600 cartridges are now $69 
Laser writer select 300,320 and 360 cartridges are $69
Laser writer 300 and 320 cartridges are $54
Laser writer NT, 2nt, 2f, 2g and LS cartridges are $54
Laser writer personal 12-640 cartridges are $79

Cartridges for Hewlett Packard laser fax printers:

Laser fax 500,700,5000,7000,fx1 and fx2 cartridges are now $59
Laser fax fx3 cartridges are $69
Our laser fax fx4 cartridges are $79

Cartridges for Lexmark and IBM printers

Optra 4019 and 4029 are now $125
optra r,r+ and optra s cartridges are $135
optra e cartridges are $59

Our cartridges for canon copiers

PC 3, 6re, 7 and 11 (A30) are now $69
PC 300,320,700,720 and 760 (E-40) are $89

90 day extended warranty included on all products.


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