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Re: Fw: be my lilo --> grub translator

From: Jochen Hoenicke
Subject: Re: Fw: be my lilo --> grub translator
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:55:43 +0100 (MET)

On Dec 15, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> hello bug - grub.  can you tell me the answer.  Yes I found some equivalent
> words for grub,
> but as this could well end my computing if not careful, i best ask you for
> the entire procedure.

> Gee, is there any lilo --> grub translation scripts out there?

I don't think so.  

> I suppose it's not that simple, but I can't find out how to say
> > disk=/dev/hda
> > bios=0x81
> > disk=/dev/hdb
> > bios=0x80
> in grub.

In grub the equivalent for 0x80 is (hd0) and for 0x81 it is (hd1).
You can use device maps to map these BIOS drives to the corresponding
linux devices.  For this you should create a /boot/grub/device.map
file containing the following lines:

(hd0) /dev/hdb
(hd1) /dev/hda

Then start grub with the commandline parameter

> > I'm fairly sure then all I need to do is
> > # grub
> > root (hd1,1)..... #or wherever one's /boot is
> > setup (hd1) #write only the MBR of hdb

This becomes:

# grub --device-map=/boot/grub/device.map
root (hd0,1)
setup (hd0)

And don't forget to change menu.lst.  Keep in mind that /dev/hdb is
accessed with (hd0) and /dev/hda with (hd1).


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