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Possible Grub bug

From: John Mitchell
Subject: Possible Grub bug
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 17:59:34 -0800

I have been using Grub for some time with great success. However, I just put together a new system based on an Asus A7V motherboard (which has an on-board Promise ATA-100 disk controller), an ATA drive connected that controller, an ATA CD-ROM (connected to the standard ATA-66 controller on the board), and a floppy.

Unfortunately Grub 0.5.95 doesn't see the drive when it is connected to the ATA-100 controller - the device map shows only the floppy drive. The drive is seen when it is connected to the ATA-66 controller.

Any advice on a workaround would be appreciated.

Best regards

John Mitchell

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