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EZ-Bios and embeding stage 1.5

From: Michael Haub
Subject: EZ-Bios and embeding stage 1.5
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 01:03:12 +0100


i try to figure out if it is possible to embed stage 1.5 on a hd with EZ-Bios.

Due to information from Western Digital, EZ-BIOS uses:
sector1: Bootloader MBR
sector2: copy of MBR before EZ-BIOS was installed (access to MBR should be remaped to this)
sector3-17: EZ-BIOS INT13 handler code

As it is common to start the first partition on:
cylinder 0,  head 1, sector 1
and the CHS-translation uses 63 sectors per track,
the rest of the first track (cylinder 0, head 0, sector 18-63) is unused by EZ-BIOS.

The stage 1.5 for FAT needs 14 sectors (with 512byte sector size).
It seems that this would fit into the rest of the first track.

How can i tell the embed command to start with sector 18 (or up)?
may be: embed (fd0)/boot/grub/fat_stage1_5 (hd0)19

Does the install command recognize it?
may be: install (fd0)/boot/grub/stage1 (hd0)18 (hd0)19+14 (hd0,0)/boot/grub/stage2 (hd0,0)/boot/grub/menu.lst

Am i missing something obvious?

Is it true that EZ-Bios uses the first track only up to sector 17?
Does this apply to all versions of EZ-BIOS for all times?

What does EZ-blabla mean by asking to make a 63 sector offset to be compatible
to Ontracks DiskManager?
(It is common to start the first partition on the second track - this already has offset 63 in this case,
i think EZ-Bios will always use 63 sectors per track for translation)

Thanks in advance.

Michael Haub

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