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Revised patch

From: Nathan G. Grennan
Subject: Revised patch
Date: 02 Apr 2002 00:58:15 -0600


A few days ago I submitted a patch to fix problems I was having with
grub-install. My patch had a flaw having to do with cases of multiple
linux installations. I have since revised my patch and I am resubmitting
it. One down side is a new required option in menu.lst. This will
require any programs written for making menu.lst files to need to be
changed. To require only changes to grub-install and not grub I have
written it so the option in menu.lst is commented out so it doesn't get
treated like a grub command. You add  #bootpar (hd?,?)  to menu.lst.
grub-install reads menu.lst, uses sed to rewrite it into a root command,
writes it to an environment variable, and then uses the environment
variable in the right place. This removes the requirement for df by
actually making it an option. This works by virtually separating where
to find the kernel image from where to find menu.lst.

For way too many details check out:


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