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bootable image support

From: Joshua Jensen
Subject: bootable image support
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 15:47:02 -0500
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Are there any plans to support booting from floppy images, or from cdrom
ISO image files? If I have an ISO image of a bootable CD, it would be
nice to boot from it... or with an image file made from a floppy.  Maybe
something like this:

title Boot from image file
        rootnoverify --imagefile (hd0,2)/images/file.{iso,img,etc}
        chainloader --imagefile (hd0,2)/images/file.{iso,img,etc}

On another note, will cdrom drives ever be supported as harddrive are
now?  I ask because I would like to be able to boot GRUB from my MBR,
then tell it to boot from my CD drive, much as I do now with my floppy:

title Boot from Floppy Drive
        rootnoverify (fd0)
        chainloader +1 

Thank you,

Joshµa Jensen           Red Hat Global Learning Services
address@hidden  Instructor of RHCE, Linux Security, and Apache courses
Work: 919 754 3700 x 44298      Mobile: 919 454 9679    Fax: 919 754 3713
gpg: 1024D/421C5FFD 5D4F B950 04AA 6878 BE6C  967D ACD3 B7D4 421C 5FFD

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