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4 OSs, 3 disks, 2 drives in 1 array, 0 grub :(

From: Jud
Subject: 4 OSs, 3 disks, 2 drives in 1 array, 0 grub :(
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 22:51:51 -0400

My setup: ASUS A7V266-E motherboard with Promise software RAID 
chip onboard;  two 40gb drives set up as RAID-0 array, Win2K and 
FreeBSD installed there.  Third hard drive with Win98, and QNX 
installed as a filesystem on the Win98 partition.  When booting from the 
third disk, the QNX bootloader presents the option to boot QNX or 
Win98.  The BIOS has options to boot from the array or the third disk 
(or floppy or CD-ROM).

Grub doesn't see my array at all.  Hd0 is the only option offered - when I 
try to plug anything else in to device.map or on a command line (ar0, 
ad4 or ad6), I get an error message (paraphrasing here) about the 
device not being recognized by the BIOS.

Anything I can do?


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