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Re: Serial console

From: Christoph Plattner
Subject: Re: Serial console
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 23:53:08 +0200

Yes, you are right, I have to apologize !

So, I have not really the semantic of this option.

Let's try with the new status of knowledge:

* GRUB only support 2 kinds of console: one is serial, the other is 
* While the timeout is running, all (= 2) consoles are "polled" if
  a user reaction is detected, if one is detected, then this device
  is select as console device. Correct ?
* If the timeout runs out, then the console type is used, which is given
  as parameter in the `terminal' call.

Is this the correct semantic ?

BTW: The wording of that stuff is not the best in GRUB (should not
want to cirticize here, but a suggestion for the future):

CONSOLE is the basic device a system uses to interact with the
If a system is fully up, also other terminal interfaces and network
(telnet, etc) can be used to interact with the machine.

A system canbe configured to a "serial console" or to a "...." (and this
is the difficult part !), for example "screen/keyboard" is often used
on UNIX machines, "VGA/keyboard" is also suitable for PC architecture.

So the call `terminal' should be named 
        console --timeout=0 vga
        console --timeout=0 serial

But again, perhaps an idea for the future.

With friendly regards
Christoph P.

"Yoshinori K. Okuji" wrote:
> At Thu, 11 Apr 2002 10:27:41 +0200,
> Christoph Plattner wrote:
> > AFAIK the problem is, that the `terminal --timeout=5 serial'
> > defaults after the timeout to the VGA/keyboard console.
> Christoph, are you sure? have you ever seen such a behavior really?
> As the documentation says, it defaults to serial terminal. If you're
> in doubt, try it.
> Okuji
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