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Small suggestion: separators in menu

From: Doug Shea
Subject: Small suggestion: separators in menu
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 23:29:26 -0700
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I think it would be nifty to be able to draw a line to separate sections of the GRUB menu. I sifted through the source, and it looked like such a thing wouldn't be crazy-hard to implement; the code is well-organized. I'd give it a go myself, but I only have the one machine here... I'd guess that the people working more actively on GRUB have better set-ups to test things. If somebody who works on GRUB could comment on this idea, that would be cool. If it's too unimportant to work on in light of larger issues, then I will take a crack at it; if one of you thinks this might be relatively easy and might take a look at it relatively soon, then I'll just be patient and wait for it. So, let me know, and thanks for all the work done so far on this great bootloader!


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