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Re: terminal --silent option

From: Christoph Plattner
Subject: Re: terminal --silent option
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 21:34:57 +0200

Bt it is a bad semantic in having "hidden features". This may be a
Microsoft method (which I really hate), but not more.

If I offer a feature, then in the correct way. If I want to have
"restricted" access, then password or similar features can be used.

The only thing to discuss is perhaps the message "press any key ...",
but this is another topic.

With friendly regards
Christoph Plattner

Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> Yoshinori K. Okuji wrote:
> > I don't see how it could be useful. If you don't want someone to see
> > the message (because he doesn't understand what this means), you
> > should set the timeout to zero. Then GRUB will show nothing.
> Note: timeout=0 works fine to force a console terminal when defaulting to
> serial as console keyboard events are buffered by the BIOS. It is only when
> the keypress has to come from the serial that timeout=0 do not work.
>    serial --unit=0 --speed=9600
>    terminal --timeout=0 console serial
> And to aid impaired persons not having a infinite keyrepeat speed, a higher
> timeout than 1 may be needed to reliably catch the keypress. A 1 second
> timeout with 1 second precision is in the range 0-1 seconds.
> Regards
> Henrik
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