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keypress timeouts

From: - PSHunter
Subject: keypress timeouts
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 14:22:11 GMT+1

I quickly read the lists and i noticed some people had
problems about keypress timeouts (setting timeout to 0
and still being able to stop grub by pressing a key).
I thought about this and i guess when grub has a timeout
over zero it doesn't do anything but waiting for a keypress
and counting...
The question is : how long does it take to grub to load a
kernel (i think this is very variable), because it would
be interesting to cancel the kernel load operation by a
keypress. This would enable one to set timeout to 0 and
still have some control over grub for selecting another
boot entry.

If loading a kernel is too quick, is it possible to keep
some control over the system for some time (to cancel the
kernel bootup in some way)?

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