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From: Russ Dill
Subject: fsys_cramfs.c
Date: 22 Apr 2002 15:26:49 -0700

attached is the code for loading files from a cramfs. gunzip.c is really
messy, and I can't find the standard zlib entry points. I instead used
some inflate code of my own in the development. The code looks like its
really only made for gzip'd data, and not for deflated data. If someone
could put a more standard zlib implementation into stage2, that would be
really helpful. The code is currently formatted in k&r -i8, but feel
free to run lindent on it so it conforms to GNU.

This code is especially usefull for those using grub on embedded x86
systems with m-systems DOC2000. Hopefully, fsys_jffs2 will come soon as
well. I can provide patches to the Makefile.am and etc, but they are
messy, as fsys_cramfs comes alphabetically before fsys_ext2, and every
line ends up moving. Format your file lists as you like.

Be sure to cc me as I am not subscribed to the list.

Russ Dill

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