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menu.lst or grub.conf and attributes

From: Martin Felker
Subject: menu.lst or grub.conf and attributes
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 22:53:09 -0400

Will someone please clear up the issue about whether Red Hat Linux uses a GRUB configuration file called menu.lst or grub.conf.    I suspect it may be the former as menu.lst appeared to have different attributes (executable??) than the identical file grub.conf when installed from scratch.
Copying menu.lst seemed to change the attributes (at least the color in the ls command).
So - is one of the above problems the reason why I'm thrown into the grub > prompt when booting off the hd.
If I execute the grub commands
root (hd0,1)
configfile /grub/grub.conf
I bring up the menu.
Eventually I'll get it by experimentation (after my absurd error of pointing the BIOS to HDD-1 instead of HDD-0) but it would be nice to know what others have found out.
Marty Felker

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