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FW: how to get grub to access cd-rom?

From: Omar Serang
Subject: FW: how to get grub to access cd-rom?
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 17:58:28 -0700
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I'm attempting to install Windows XP on top of my
existing RedHat 7.2 Linux installation. I'm following the
instructions in:


and I'm getting stuck on a single point just before
installing the Windows operating system from CD-ROM.

The windowsXP install CD is bootable and I'm attempting
to chainload to it in my grub.conf file, but it keeps
complaining "Error 23: Error while parsing number" due to
the "chainloader (cd0)+1" command. A "chainloader (fd0)+1" command
seems to work (attempting to access the floppy drive), so I'm  pretty  sure
it has  something  to  do  with the spec for the cd  device.

I've also tried to create a device.map entry to relate (cd0) to /dev/cdrom,
but this gives the same results. Is there any way to see the device map from
within command line grub?


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