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[Bug #785] would like to change default for only next boot from running

From: nobody
Subject: [Bug #785] would like to change default for only next boot from running system
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 11:17:40 -0400

=================== BUG #785: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: jayberkenbilt             Project: grub                           
Submitted on: 2002-Jul-01 15:17
Category:  Configuration                Severity:  Major                        
Priority:  None                         Bug Group:  Feature Request             
Resolution:  None                       Assigned to:  None                      
Status:  Open                           Release:  0.91                          
Reproducibility:  None                  Planned Release:                        

Summary:  would like to change default for only next boot from running system

Original Submission:  I have a grub menu with several items on it.  I almost 
always choose the same one.  Occasionally, I want to boot from a different item 
on the next boot, but then want to return to by default for subsequent boots.  
I would like to be able to override the menu item that will appear as the 
default on the next boot only and to be able to do this from my running system 
before rebooting.  This is different from using savedefault.

For example, once in a while, I boot into Windows instead of Linux.  I have a 
menu item called "dark" that does this.  I want to be able to run bootdark from 
Linux and have the system boot into windows the next time I boot.  Then, the 
time after that, I want it to go back to Linux again.

You could do this with lilo by using lilo -R.

Right now, I'm acheiving this goal by having a bunch of different grub 
configuration files that do various setups and installs, and I have a script 
that changes which grub configuration file is in use, but this is not clean.

It seems to me that savedefault must be writing something like this somewhere 
-- perhaps at the beginning of stage2 -- and that it wouldn't be a hard 
software change to support this request in a similar fashion.

The main reason for doing this is to be able to control booting remotely in a 
safe way.  I want to be able to control my next boot without having to be 
physically present at the machine.  For example, I can boot once into Windows, 
and then reboot from there using VNC.  I can't run grub from Linux, so the only 
way to get back once I've done that (short of messing with active partitions, 
etc.) is to have the default switch back upon the next boot.

Thanks for your consideration.

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